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The National Team For Foreign Outreach - Yemen

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The Annual Report ( March 2022) Humanitarian Stances in Ukraine… While Suffering in Yemen! -POLITICAL PREFACE

  1. The Yemeni people, over the recent seven years, have been subject to injustice and negligence by the international community, international legitimacy, the United Nations and other international political and humanitarian organizations whose vital roles are largely to remain silent and watch the agony. Nevertheless, the realities and facts speak for themselves as they have been monitored and reported by the international community and organizations that are turning their back on Yemen which has been experiencing the worst catastrophe in the world. Verily, this catastrophe was caused by the Saudi-led Coalition of Aggression which launched the war on Yemen. This had entailed serious consequences in terms of the following: the death toll of civilians exceeds (46,262) forty-six thousand two hundred sixty-two victims; numerous civilian facilities – including hospitals, schools, roads, houses and bridges – were systematically demolished over the heads of thousands of Yemenis; the increasing death cases due to the inhuman, illegal and immoral blockade on the entire people, imposed on food, medicine and oil products with a view to starving the people; and the prevention of Yemenis from traveling through their own airports, particularly Sana’a International Airport, forcing them to meet their death by choosing to travel to areas controlled by the Aggression Coalition mercenaries. Travelers spend dozens of hours to reach these areas, during which they are looted, killed or kidnapped by funded gangs from time to time.
  2. All such adverse events occur as a result of the war on Yemen launched by the Quadruple Coalition of the unjust war on Yemen, namely the US, UK, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which have complementary roles. To put it more clearly, the financiers (KSA & UAE) provide oil and money and the supporters (USA & UK) provide lethal land, sea and air weapons to kill a whole nation whose only mistake is that they aspire to live with dignity, liberty and honor.
  3. The Quadruple Coalition states have always been praising themselves before their people of being the protectors of freedom and democracy in the whole world. However, the opposite was proved true when the Yemenis desired to have the same for themselves through a popular revolution in which millions of Yemenis from different regions participated, i.e., the September 21st Revolution 2015 which took place against the dictatorships that ruled Yemen for decades and robbed the people’s liberty, dignity, sovereignty and bounties, making them puppets in the hands of the Quadruple Coalition states’ embassies. The Yemenis revolted, demanding for democracy in the selection of a ruler, respect of the Constitution, and consolidation of loyalty to the homeland away from being a satellite nation depending on those embassies that have destroyed everything beautiful in the Arabian Felix.
  4. Instead of sponsoring the democracy experiment as it is in line with their slogans, the Quadruple Coalition states, especially the USA and the UK, have revealed their insincerity and the falseness of their slogans; they identified with the KSA and UAE governments, craving for black gold (oil). Hence, they launched their unjust, brutal, treacherous aggression without prior warning or special reasons. The revolutionaries agreed with the remaining vestiges of the former regime on a transitional phase through an agreement, called the Peace and National Partnership Agreement (PNPA), in which the people’s blood and rights are preserved and a ballot box would ensure fair elections for all people in a free and independent republican system according to the Constitution. The PNPA was praised by the Quadruple Coalition states, the United Nations, the neighboring Gulf countries and their envoy. However, they only delivered words of treachery and betrayal, followed by a brutal aggression against the Yemeni cities on the evening of 26th of March 2015.
  5. They designed this unjust war, called the Decisive Storm, to remain for few days or weeks until they restore the mercenaries of their embassies to rule, disregarding the people’s aspirations for freedom, democracy, sovereignty and independence.
  6. In this war, the deadliest and most prohibited weapons were used, according to specialized neutral international reports. This futile war, in its eighth year, was best described by its supporters as an absurd failure. A war that proved to all, near and far, that after the Quadruple Coalition states faltered in restoring their mercenaries who holed up in Riyadh hotels under official names (president, ministers … etc.). Therefore, the Quadruple Coalition states aim only to murder, terrorize and besiege more people, stir up regional and sectarian strife, and divide and fragment the Yemenis.
  7. All such crimes are committed with the participation and complicity of the international community. Yet, as fate would have arranged it that way, the Russian-Ukrainian war came to unmask the international community while applying double standards and listing international humanitarian and human rights laws against the violations in Ukraine. The UN Security Council wakes up to hold repeated sessions and its members record strong and fiery stances against Russia that infringes on the sovereignty of another country. The international community provides money and weapons to the Ukrainian state, as it is being subject to an illegal war. Again, the UN Security Council recalls the Charter of the United Nations and the rules of International Humanitarian Law and imposes severe and effective sanctions against Russia for its aggression against the sovereignty and territory of Ukraine. In the same way, humanitarian organizations weave stories and narratives about the war victims; shed tears, light candles for prayer, and stop life because of that war.
  8. On the other hand, at the same period of time and with the same story and narrative, there are countries that have attacked the sovereignty and territories of Yemen under the pretext of intervening in maintaining a ruling clique against the wave of democracy and liberty. As a peg to hang their interventions on, they have killed tens of thousands and besieged more than 30 million of innocent people. They keep the war going on as the longest war in modern history. However, we have not heard the international community announcing such humanitarian stances. Rather, it is often found to participate with weapons, attitudes, or media disinformation campaigns in this war.
  9. Thousands of women are being killed but no one weeps for them; thousands of children are also being killed but none of the child-protection organizations cries over them; countless citizens are being burned alive under their bombarded houses; and public institutions are leveled on the heads of the civil employees working under their roofs. All these crimes are committed but no one could utter an operative word in the face of such obvious injustice.
  10. As fate would have it, the Ukraine war breaks out while we affirm our respect for any humanitarian voice in favor of the victims. Yet, we cannot respect those voices that remain silent, and even sometimes they justify, encourage, and possibly participate in these crimes against the Yemeni people.
  11. Therefore, we call on free people everywhere to tell the international community to remember the tragedy of Yemen, which has entered its eighth year, while they are shedding tears for Ukraine, which has not yet entered its eighth week. Let humanity be a lofty value that cannot be purchasable or divisible. Let us be one voice to say NO to the aggression of any states against other states; and YES, to hold war criminals and civilian killers accountable wherever they are.


  1. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates participated along with the rest of the War Coalition states in the attack on Yemen seven years ago with the aim of controlling all the economic resources and riches of the country, especially the seaports and the two islands of Mayon in Bab Al-Mandab and Socotra Archipelago. In fact, they believed that the occupation of Yemen will not take more than two weeks. When they failed to do so, they were irritated and felt paranoid. Consequently, they have arrogantly destroyed the infrastructure for seven years and committed the most heinous massacres that amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity in most governorates of the Republic. One of the worst of these massacres was the Great Hall, Jabal Attan, and the School Bus in Souq Dhahyan and wedding parties in Sanaban as well as the massacre of the reserve prison in Sa’adah governorate. Moreover, they imposed a blockade on all sea, land and air ports, causing a human catastrophe.
  2. According to UN reports, 27 million people are at immediate risk of slipping into famine conditions and are threatened to starve to death, while the robbery of the Saudi-led War Coalition has exceeded 27 trillion Yemeni riyals. In fact, the Saudi-led War Coalition states have ruled the southern provinces with terror, arrests and murder of their opponents, as well as disrupting and destroying national capacities. It is estimated that about 30,000 people have been killed and 450,000 injured of the Yemenis in southern provinces on various fronts. Besides, the number of victims of the series of assassinations reached about 1,685 people. Further, more than 321 raids were launched against citizens’ homes in the neighborhoods of Aden, Lahj, Hadramout, Abyan and Al-Dhale governorates. The Saudi-led War Coalition states established militias under various names such as Security Belts and Elite Forces, through which they robbed the lands and properties of people, as well as more than 11,000 pieces of land belonging to government housing associations in Aden. They also engage these militias in a confrontation with the so-called legitimate government forces with a view to extending their control over areas from Aden to Socotra. Moreover, the occupiers established 26 secret prisons and 27 Wahhabi fundamentalist centers to blow up the southern provinces with terrorist attacks. Still more, they create the crisis of oil derivatives as a policy of collective punishment against the Yemenis in the southern provinces, where the price of 20 liters oil reached sixty thousand riyals on the black market. The occupation also recruited more than 16 thousand children in the southern provinces and threw them to the warfronts where many of them fell either dead or wounded.
  3. The banana state of the United Arab Emirates robbed gold mines in Hajar area of Hadramout governorate and smuggled large quantities of gold to Abu Dhabi. Similarly, in Socotra Archipelago, this banana state took off 7,000 Dam Al-Akhawain trees (umbrella-shaped dragon’s blood trees), replaced them with military positions, built houses and brought Israeli tourists.
  4. The UAE purchased land through the Emirati businessman, Tarek Al-Khaja, as part of an Israeli-Emirati plan to increase intelligence and military activities of the occupation with the aim of controlling maritime routes in the Red Sea, Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. Recently, the so-called Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi visited Socotra, accompanied by the son of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and stayed there for a week and met with local leaders of Socotra, including Minister Salem Al-Socotri, one of the ministers affiliated with the so-called Southern Transitional Council.
  5. They were tasked with persuading the local population to demand the separation of Socotra Archipelago from Yemen and its annexation of the UAE. Besides, the identity cards of the inhabitants of Socotra Archipelago are being issued with the nationality of Socotra without mentioning the identity of the Republic of Yemen.
  6. Since 2017, Saudi Arabia has gradually taken control of Al-Mahra province. It is well-know that Saudi Arabia aspires to build an oil pipeline from its eastern region through Al-Mahra province to the Arabian Sea. This would reduce Saudi Arabia’s reliance on the Strait of Hormuz for oil exports, thereby reducing Iran’s potential influence over Saudi Arabia.

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