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The National Team For Foreign Outreach - Yemen

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POLITICAL PREFACE – 26 March 2015 – 26 March 2020

Five Years of Aggression… Pain that Breeds Dignity & Sovereignty!

  1. The political parties agreed on the contents of a new government after a popular revolution that brought down the icon of a regime that dominated the Yemeni people for more than three decades and removing its leadership, represented by (Ali Abdullah Saleh). Then all parteners of the political spectrum participated in the sessions of the National Dialogue Conference (NDC) under direct UN supervision.
  2. After that, the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General (Mr. Jamal Bin Omar) announced, in his last briefing to the Security Council on 27 April 2015, that the Yemenis have become close to reaching a solution conducive to building a new government based on the results and outcomes of the NDC and the Peace and National Partnership Agreement (PNPA) which were agreed upon then.
  3. Only a few days later, the international patrons of the previous regime (America and its tools in the region – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) were watching the situation in Yemen carefully. They were worried that a real change might breed a strong, independent and stately Yemen, after decades of deliberate efforts to keep it weak, begging for a cheap affiliate.
  4. Then, their trickery failed to replace the head of the former regime (Ali Abdullah Saleh) with his cousin and the main pillar of his regime (Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar) in a role-exchange process calling the latter a guard of the new revolution. They put on the front a man called (Abd Rabuh Mansour Hadi) who is known to the whole nation as a feeble, stupid and cheap affiliate, and established him as a president for two years through an initiative, which they turned against later, called the Gulf Initiative. They used him as a front for their hidden agenda and insisted that he should continue after the end of his two-year term they had set and agreed upon, despite the prior knowledge of everyone – especially those who signed the Gulf Initiative inside or outside Yemen – that their puppet, called Hadi, has neither popular or constitutional base, nor personal qualifications that make him a president for the beloved Yemen.
  5. Fearing the erosion of their fabricated legitimacy of the so-called president who has been widely resented by people, and following the briefing of Secretary-General’s envoy on the rise of a serious consensus to choose a new regime and president, the countries sponsoring the ousted regime revealed their premeditated ill intentions. In the darkness of the mid-night while the people are asleep on the twenty-sixth of March 2015, the Saudi regime declared, from within the White House in Washington DC (reflecting the highest levels of conspiratorial coordination and participation in this aggression), the outset of a military operation against Yemen, its land and people through an infamous coalition that included America and its Western allies as well as their tools in the region with the Saudi and Emirates regimes at the top front. They self-assuredly declared a storm of war that would eradicate the forces of change, freedom and dignity, confirming their readiness to resolve military operations in only a few weeks, thinking that their prior conspiracy to fragment the army and destroy its capabilities before the aggression, and buying and bringing mercenaries from inside and outside, would enable them to win the battle effortlessly.
  6.  Then, the ugliest and most horrific war in modern history was started by the forces of arrogance with thousands of successive air strikes on various civilian areas and public facilities (105,000 raids during the first year) supported by warships that fired hundreds of missiles. They hired hundreds of thousands of mercenaries and terrorists, who were brought from dozens of African, Arab and foreign countries, in addition to mercenaries inside. C:\Users\MyLaptop\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\attatck yemen222.jpg
  7. However, the countries of War Coalition were shocked by the strength and steadfast determination of the Yemeni people which stems from their firm belief in God, the justice of their cause and their thirst for freedom, dignity and independence which Yemen has missed for decades. The Yemenis have evoked their glorious history of struggle known in the great history books by turning its land into graves for invaders. Throughout history, Yemen has been the only country, in the region and even the world beyond, which neither Eastern nor Western occupation could ever control.
  8. The people with all their different groups, tribes and regions rushed to form what was known as the Popular Committees who joined groups of sincere and honorable security and army forces and fought together the battle of restoring the people’s dignity, sovereignty and freedom, disregarding the previous era of humiliation and cheap dependency and the period of begging aids and alms, despite the fact that their country possessed a rich sea of black gold (oil) and mountains full of precious minerals. Allies of the war coalition against Yemen – through their puppet regime – prevented the people from thinking about benefiting from these resources so that Yemen would not be free from their hegemony and keep depending on them.
  9. During five years, and with the beginning of the sixth year, the raids of the war coalition countries reached (three hundred thousand raids), killing thousands of civilians, most of them are children, women and elderly people – i.e. 57% according to UN reports – and destroying homes of citizens, places of their gatherings, various infrastructure and vital facilities including schools, roads, bridges and hospitals.
  10. Meanwhile, the international community is still failing the test in front of this greatest disaster in modern history. Besides, masks of many Western regimes, which have long been singing for the protection of liberties and human rights, have fallen, as they were bought cheaply with Saudi oil. As a result, many of these countries have been dragged into participating, standing complicit or keeping silent.
  11. The UN continued to manage the crisis, not resolving it, and its role was confined to condemnation only and sometimes keeping silent with collusion, as its former Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, admitted explicitly, that they are forced to keep silent in exchange for Saudi support for the UN treasury!!! Consequently, the United Nations no longer had a role to play except for changing its envoys one after another at the end of the theatrical formal role played by each (three envoys have been changed so far and the fourth is on the way to finalize his theatrical role).
  12.  Despite the international collusion and trivial efforts to stop the aggression, the government of Yemen (the National Salvation Government) in the capital, Sana’a, is still reaching out for these efforts and responding positively and effectively to the grief-stricken people’s longing for stopping this barbarous aggression. It also abides by all its obligations towards the peace-building process. On the contrary, the war coalition countries against Yemen are intransigent and evasive through their puppet president called ‘Hadi’ and his fellows, who are fully controlled by the war coalition countries, even restricted within the rooms they have been lodging in at Riyadh hotels since March 26, 2015. C:\Users\MyLaptop\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\ستوكهولم3.jpg
  13. On the other hand, the liberal nationalists, the honorable army members and the popular committees managed to liberate (14) governorates out of total (22) governorates inhabited by 80% of the Yemeni population.
  14. Has it not been time for the world conscience to wake up from its slumber, free itself from the Saudi money and American influence, and support human rights and values of freedom and independence sought by the cherished Yemeni people?


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